Monday, 12 December 2011

Latest Pics of Lahore 2011

Picture taken from Brick of Lahore Fort

Outside scene picturised from Lahore Fort
Lahore City- Yadgaar Chowk

Sheesh Mehal In Lahore Fort

Friday, 6 May 2011

Lohore City IN USA...!

Lohore City IN USA...!
It is not In Pakistan but In USA.. The City Of Lahore.. Amazing

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Historical 13 Gates of The City Lahore(Pakistan).

The Old City Lahore:-
Old City Lahore and Its Gates in Olden Days of Subcontinent


A strong brick wall of great strength bound the city Lahore. There were 13 gates for entering the city. These gates were made of wood and iron, they were closed in the evening. Below is the brief description of these gates.

1.    Roshnai Gate
2.    Bhatti Gate
3.    Mori Gate
4.    Lahori Gate
5.    Shah Alam Gate
6.    Mochi Gate
7.    Akbari Gate
8.    Dehli Gate
9.    Yakki Gate
10.  Sheranwala Gate
11.  Kashmiri Gate
12.  Masti or Masjidi Gate
13.  Texalli Gate
Details of  The Gates of Lahore Information and the Pics of gates must be Visit @ Click here

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